Saturday, January 17, 2009

Daddy Day

Since it "warmed" up so much we decided to get outside to play in the snow. Erik had built this mound for the kids to sled on.

Later on Caleb and Erik dug a tunnel through the snow fort. Caleb thought this was so cool.

Then we went inside to bake Papa's Limpa bread. Caleb was such a good helper and loved how it smelled.

Yes, Erik is wearing my apron because Caleb thought they should both have an apron on.

We ended the night with "a dolphin show" wearing dinosaur masks...go figure.


caroline and mike said...

dolphin it!!!! thats too funny...i think i want to be one of your kids it seems they have soooo much fun all the time!

Barbara said...

Let us know when you're sledding next. We'll bring our "sled"

WML said...

The boys should go to TIm & Barb's next winter (after Tim's neck is fixed)Tim and the girls make HUGE snow forts.