Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Tree and Zoo Lights!

This morning we went and picked out our Christmas Tree. The boys enjoyed running through all the other trees while we decided which one to get.
This is Jackson saying "cheese." He just started saying a lot of words this week...sock, shoe, baby, cheese, go, toes, nose, head, mouth. That is all I can think of right now, but it is so fun to hear him saying words!


Caleb was so excited to decorate the tree that he didn't think he should take a nap. Luckily we got the boys to sleep and I was able to put the lights and garland on so the tree would be all ready when Caleb woke up.
He seriuosly put up all the ornaments except for the very top. What a good helper!

Jackson just watched.

Here is one of the lower it!

Tonight we had dinner with my family and then headed over to "Zoo Lights."

Watching the ice sculptors.

Right after these pictures were taken all the lights on this went out! I think Caleb tripped over the cord...guess you're not supposed to go behind the lights!

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WML said...

Man, my kids are too old and know better" than to have a hundred ornaments on two branches...:(

BTW, Kyle seems to have shrunk or erik grown in the zoo lights pic. :)